Sunday, 22 February 2009


Aiseh,Gp placement dekat Llanelli dah pon habis, dan tiba masanya untuk aku stay kat umah hana n mun, and it has been 3 days now, study punya pasalla kan...

Tadik lepak2 dgn Mun , Iman, kak Mariam, Adam, Elly and Ridhwan, makan2 nasik ayam iman masak...sambil tgk oscar...dan gambar yang di atas ni ialah bila iman yang buat tocang kat rambut aku..hehe sungguh the pelik la kan..
Had a very precious and yet nice time dengan kawan2.. as this coming Sunday i'll be leaving to Wrexham dah utk next placement.

We were discussing about Malaysian night which around the corner..also chatted about fashions and styles to fit for the occasion...

So looking forward for Malaysian nite this Saturday...

Hey kawan2 out there, doa2 for my exam k...i am so f nervous now..


Wednesday, 11 February 2009


It has been a while I didnt put up any post here and more interestingly, I am back to my normal life, single and yet need to learn plenty of life lessons which can be encountered during my medical life. ( A BIG SIGH)

Anyway, my mood is restored to normal and happy sbb this morning, I was with my Dermatologist Consultant dan berpeluang sangat2 belajar pasal Psoarisis, Basal Cell Carcinoma semua. Best!

Kite tukar topik plak eh, my weekend is seemingly fully booked dgn plans with my girls - Muni n Faiza plus Kak Mariam pon maybe dgn Iman akan tengok Slumdog Millionnaire. Dgn Muni n Faiza maybe tgk Pink Panther 2 kot. Mula2 konon x nk tgk la citer tuh tp bila dah tgk trailer, Aishwarya Rai ade berlakon. Bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

So looking forward to watch those movies this weekend.

I am happy as a lark!