Saturday, 31 October 2009

Bangor, here I come.

I shall be leaving to Bangor tomorrow with my friend, Nicole.

With two of us, the journey will not be boring and slow.

Approximately 4 hours driving to reach Bangor Hospital in North Wales.

Hopefully everything will be alright and destiny would be on my side.

God, make it much easier for me.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Can you tell me what similarities in these two food?

Both of the dishes, I like the most in my entire life. Besides, Thai food. :D

Can you tell me the similarities between these two food?

Even the food comes from different countries in Malaysia, I happily say here that they both have different taste and texture.

One is from Kelantan and one is from Penang. But if you are aware, both of them share the same ingeredients. Both need sugar and both need salt.

This is a scene which I would want all people realize, from anywhere we are, we share the same ingredient, namely love.

(p/s : E )

How many hands can you count from the picture?

All the hands in the picture were my cousins'. It was at Lata Bukit Hijau in Kedah.

If you can spot me, you can see I was sticking my tongue out with a part of my body exposed Ooppss.

This was the first time I celebrated Eid with all my aunties from KL in Penang. I suppose this was the eighth day of Eid.

Of course I miss them so much. To date, approximately it will be roughly 7 months I will come back for good to Malaysia.

Tonight somebody is going out for fun with my pet sister and hopefully you are going to have a good fun with friends.

And I am deserted here in UK to plan for tomorrow party perhaps.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

My sweethearts of all.

Above are the pictures of my parents.

They are very loving and supportive.

Even though I am the most stubborn child of theirs, I know they are very kind and love to worry on my safety and everything.

Mak, Abah, I love you guys so much.

Abah likes to worry so much compared to Mak. You are such a guidance angel to me.

Mak is so far calmer than Abah and is like a love angel to me.

Whatever it is, nobody can replace you two. I MISS YOU two so MUCH!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I am amazed of how patient Prophet Ayub was.

After all I have been through, all the dark memories, my obstacles in my life and what I am facing right now, I believe they are the tests from God.

It is honestly hard and so bitter for me to face alone and yet it is so draining my spirit and energy.

I am really amazed of how Prophet Ayub PBUH faced his test with patience. He was bestowed with wealth,kids and everything a human would be longing for.

The test began when Azazil claimed to God that Ayub PBUH might not be thankful if he was tested with difficulties. Thus, God sent the hardest tests on him where he lost his kids, wife and wealth. Besides, he suffered from a disease which did not have a cure.

He whole-heartedly accepted the tests with patience and prayers. He isolated himself in a cave for a long period of time to slave to God.

In the end, he was bestowed with all those he had lost.

I am facing a much lesser problematic burdens compared to him. I believe, if I am not tested now, I would not appreciate those I have now in my life.

Even though my problems are still unresolved, but I know, He has a better plan for me.

God, please lend me Prophet Ayub's patience even though I am smeared with sins. Amin.

Beautiful Imperfection - that is what makes me love you.

I came across to Yasmin Ahmad commercial break about the Funeral, which gives the idea of love and affection are not rated upon perfections.

In this post, i would definitely stress here that I love you not because of your lovely complexion nor your career but due to your imperfections which captured my eyes from the beginning.

You are beautifully imperfect and this makes me do not want to lose even more.

You ride red and white scooter from Ampang to Kuala Lumpur.

You use Fair and lovely like I do.

You like to play with Jenggo(pet) like i use to.

You like dance songs pretty much what I listen to.

You have a very good friend, Sofy and she is my sister too.

After I have read this post back, I came to realize that you mean everything to me.
Nobody can replace you.

Will you be my soulmate and partner forever?

Monday, 26 October 2009

I found my new sweetheart to be!

I am really craving to read books like this.

Alan Macfarlane, I am sure you would not dissappoint me.

Hopefully your writing about Japanese cultures and society would broaden my view towards asian cultures.

I have been so wanting to read a book like this.

Shall I have one tomorrow?

Hi everybody! My name is Ahmad Akmal!

Hello all.

My name is Ahmad Akmal and I am 3 years old. My uncle is Mukhlis.
I have two older brothers named Ahmad Mirza and Ahmad Adib.

Both of them are so playful to the point I cannot tolerate with them.
So that is why my mother keeps complaining that I always punch them in the face.

I love my uncle Mukhlis and I call him 'Achik'.

Sorry to have an entry here but I think this is my very early opportunity to tell the whole universe that I am going to rock the world one day.

I have not made up my mind yet what to be when I grow up.

Thanks for the bloggers and visitors who read my uncle's blog.


Es Ee Tea Eye Aye

As the words depict, the whole picture that I am to figure is all about loyal and devotedness towards oneself or anything I do in my life.

I believe we all have one person in our entire world to have faith in.

"Matanya lirik2 selalu,
Mukanya manis2 ayu"

I like this song so much, I think this version leaves me with a deeper impact.

When we had this conversation, you smiled and nodded to me.

The reason why I put up 'Budu' (anchovies paste) picture here is to remind myself that you cook deliciously Thai dishes and this makes me love you even more.

The thing I found the most charming in you is your smile. Well, to support that, I need to bring up the evidence but here I would not be able to do so.

Besides, giving in to me, you also advised upon many crucial things I should be doing in my life.

The scene I remembered was when rain was pouring down outside, when we were at your apartment in Ampang just after I watched Yasmin Ahmad In memory in TV.

Me: Dear, one day, I will be like her. The one who opens up Malaysians mindbox.
Expose them to norms which they are not aware of.

E: I am sure you can be better than her.

Me: But dear, I need you with me here (while I am gesturing my hands to my chest)
to support me. I need you dear.

E: I will be here always here for you Muks.

Enough people saying about how love can ruin your future but they forget that without love we cannot survive. No matter how good looking and successful you are.

E smiled and smiled. I need you, more than you know.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Memories of scooter in Ampang

The first memory of me riding a vespa scooter was with my uncle in Penang.

All I remembered it was so interesting to find out that the parts of it were unique.

My second experience was when I was in Malaysia last summer. It was so sweet and to be honest it was a fantastic time I was with my beloved one.

The way we were holding hands I cannot forget. I decided to let the whole world to know how touching it was to me.

All this time I have been wanting to have someone I could dream of every night. God replied my prayer. He gave me you.

All this while, my hopes are fulfilled with your smiles and your acquaintance. We travelled from Ampang to your hotel and Kuala Lumpur city with your cute-but-cool scooter.

Others would see it in different way of appreciating those moments but for me, it means everything you could think of. I tried to contact you an hour ago.No answer. You might be busy.

Oh yes, I miss you a lot. To repeat, you are my everything. My housemate and I were talking about love and hopes a few minutes ago. We were saying how difficult love is without sacrifices. I told him I see you as an angel not because you are perfect in my eyes but you are you and that is what makes you are much more special.

I tried to write a poetry dedicated to you but my mind went blank. I believe by saying nothing my heart can be heard, can be seen even we are so far away apart.

I miss you. And your scooter too.

Friday, 16 October 2009

This is her, Kak Priya

This is Kak Priya, everyone. She is my cute and lovely sister who likes to stress out on everything even though she knows that she is doing things perfectly.

She is smart so that is why she has double degrees now. Ask her what degree she had.
What I know she is a beautifully imperfect sister of the year. And I love her.

Her spirits and advices keep me stronger. I believe one day she will be a perfect of her own dream job worker.

Happy Deepavali again to you...Hey, will see you tonight aight?

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Happy Deepavali to Kak Priya and all Hindus

The festival of lights, as its name depicts the joyful celebration which will be in the air soon. To Kak Priya, my Indian sister, I love you sister and here, this entry is for you and other Hindu friends of mine.

One thing intrigues about Deepavali which also known as Diwali is the lights. The lanterns or the candles lit give an atmoshphere of heavenly. Besides, the sweets are enough to make me go sugar high.

Malaysia is full of miracles and uniqueness that we should not be taking for granted. It is a blessing God gives us to know each other and the celebrations we have.

This year Deepavali I am in United Kingdom and perhaps next year when my presence in Malaysia would make it much merrier.


You call them humans, but I call them Angels

I was touched when my little nephew asked me do I go back to London just for a week or so? I then answered, a week could be longer than we thought it would be, and he understood in a way that a week is equal to a year.

The kid in the picture named Hazeem and he is 3 years old. My nephew is so naughty. Who wouldn't believe that he could read Iqra' already as well as kindergarten books.

Wani, it means crocodile in Japanese but you know she would not like it if I say this. This best friend of mine is now in Glasgow, doing her Master. She is so lovely to the point that all things I share with her would be sweet memory even though she likes to laugh on my stories, dear, that's ok.

Abang Emad, many thanks to you for who had helped me a lot during my hardships in Malaysia. Your helps, your smiles and your kindness will be stapled permanently in my heart. Arigato ne.

For you guys up there, I miss you so much. Words could not describe these feelings but I am so thankful to God for what I have been given.

On top of this, both of my parents are the most I love and yet, mom, dad, your son here is okay and would come back to Malaysia next year with a title i've been longing for so long.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


While my friends in Malaysia, spending their time with family and loved ones, I am here doing my work and reading.

People say, after hardships there will be easiness. In other term, glory or victory.
I put below a quote from Mother Teresa about loneliness.

"We can cure physical diesases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love"

~Mother Teresa~

I found loneliness is so much harder than is has been rumoured around. Being by myself here even though taught me to be independently strong however the process to reach it, drains my spirit.

It keeps me stronger when I think of love E has given me and Moms' prayers and blessings.
I miss you a lot, E and of course Mom and family.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Open house on the day I reached Cardiff

I met many new faces on that night. We started to eat an hour after the entry to the community hall in Cathays, Cardiff. New faces drowned me. I do not know most of them and of course they are freshies.

I look it this way, perhaps new friends would bring new experiences and new memories. But I miss my old friends.

To name them here would give a long list.

The menu was okay. I did not have more than I should have so that is why friends nagged me for being so skinny.

I miss my mom's dishes, abg Emad's sahur menu and maktam's food.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Samsung Toco Light

I have got this new baby and her name is Sam Sung Toco Light.
What a name isn't it?

It means so much to me and yet my new baby is now in my hand. So many things I could do including surfing the internet and online with my YM.

Besides her, there is another important and loving person in my life who knocked the door of my heart about 2 months ago this october 11.

I need a life, yes, a simple life.
Simple life with my Samsung Toco Light and my other half.

The End