Friday, 30 October 2009

Can you tell me what similarities in these two food?

Both of the dishes, I like the most in my entire life. Besides, Thai food. :D

Can you tell me the similarities between these two food?

Even the food comes from different countries in Malaysia, I happily say here that they both have different taste and texture.

One is from Kelantan and one is from Penang. But if you are aware, both of them share the same ingeredients. Both need sugar and both need salt.

This is a scene which I would want all people realize, from anywhere we are, we share the same ingredient, namely love.

(p/s : E )


Hanya kau yg tahu said...

x sama gak

sbb satu kena campur ' BUDU '

lagi satu ada kuah yg masam


gurau jee

Mukhlis Idris said...

well, to admit, i now start to like tastes nice with some kelantanese dishes...

I love it!

Hanya kau yg tahu said...

suka budu or org nya???

Mukhlis Idris said...

suke sakat dari dulu sampai skrg eh? :P miss ya