Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I am amazed of how patient Prophet Ayub was.

After all I have been through, all the dark memories, my obstacles in my life and what I am facing right now, I believe they are the tests from God.

It is honestly hard and so bitter for me to face alone and yet it is so draining my spirit and energy.

I am really amazed of how Prophet Ayub PBUH faced his test with patience. He was bestowed with wealth,kids and everything a human would be longing for.

The test began when Azazil claimed to God that Ayub PBUH might not be thankful if he was tested with difficulties. Thus, God sent the hardest tests on him where he lost his kids, wife and wealth. Besides, he suffered from a disease which did not have a cure.

He whole-heartedly accepted the tests with patience and prayers. He isolated himself in a cave for a long period of time to slave to God.

In the end, he was bestowed with all those he had lost.

I am facing a much lesser problematic burdens compared to him. I believe, if I am not tested now, I would not appreciate those I have now in my life.

Even though my problems are still unresolved, but I know, He has a better plan for me.

God, please lend me Prophet Ayub's patience even though I am smeared with sins. Amin.

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