Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Beautiful Imperfection - that is what makes me love you.

I came across to Yasmin Ahmad commercial break about the Funeral, which gives the idea of love and affection are not rated upon perfections.

In this post, i would definitely stress here that I love you not because of your lovely complexion nor your career but due to your imperfections which captured my eyes from the beginning.

You are beautifully imperfect and this makes me do not want to lose even more.

You ride red and white scooter from Ampang to Kuala Lumpur.

You use Fair and lovely like I do.

You like to play with Jenggo(pet) like i use to.

You like dance songs pretty much what I listen to.

You have a very good friend, Sofy and she is my sister too.

After I have read this post back, I came to realize that you mean everything to me.
Nobody can replace you.

Will you be my soulmate and partner forever?


kamu tau aku said...

malu bangat gue sih..

napain kamu letak pic gue??


loh.. gue juga rindu bangat sama kamu sih

kita di sini juga mau kamu sama2

lepakin di sini.

Mukhlis Idris said...

...thanks a lot..u take care ok.:D