Thursday, 15 October 2009

You call them humans, but I call them Angels

I was touched when my little nephew asked me do I go back to London just for a week or so? I then answered, a week could be longer than we thought it would be, and he understood in a way that a week is equal to a year.

The kid in the picture named Hazeem and he is 3 years old. My nephew is so naughty. Who wouldn't believe that he could read Iqra' already as well as kindergarten books.

Wani, it means crocodile in Japanese but you know she would not like it if I say this. This best friend of mine is now in Glasgow, doing her Master. She is so lovely to the point that all things I share with her would be sweet memory even though she likes to laugh on my stories, dear, that's ok.

Abang Emad, many thanks to you for who had helped me a lot during my hardships in Malaysia. Your helps, your smiles and your kindness will be stapled permanently in my heart. Arigato ne.

For you guys up there, I miss you so much. Words could not describe these feelings but I am so thankful to God for what I have been given.

On top of this, both of my parents are the most I love and yet, mom, dad, your son here is okay and would come back to Malaysia next year with a title i've been longing for so long.

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