Thursday, 15 October 2009

Happy Deepavali to Kak Priya and all Hindus

The festival of lights, as its name depicts the joyful celebration which will be in the air soon. To Kak Priya, my Indian sister, I love you sister and here, this entry is for you and other Hindu friends of mine.

One thing intrigues about Deepavali which also known as Diwali is the lights. The lanterns or the candles lit give an atmoshphere of heavenly. Besides, the sweets are enough to make me go sugar high.

Malaysia is full of miracles and uniqueness that we should not be taking for granted. It is a blessing God gives us to know each other and the celebrations we have.

This year Deepavali I am in United Kingdom and perhaps next year when my presence in Malaysia would make it much merrier.


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