Sunday, 25 October 2009

Memories of scooter in Ampang

The first memory of me riding a vespa scooter was with my uncle in Penang.

All I remembered it was so interesting to find out that the parts of it were unique.

My second experience was when I was in Malaysia last summer. It was so sweet and to be honest it was a fantastic time I was with my beloved one.

The way we were holding hands I cannot forget. I decided to let the whole world to know how touching it was to me.

All this time I have been wanting to have someone I could dream of every night. God replied my prayer. He gave me you.

All this while, my hopes are fulfilled with your smiles and your acquaintance. We travelled from Ampang to your hotel and Kuala Lumpur city with your cute-but-cool scooter.

Others would see it in different way of appreciating those moments but for me, it means everything you could think of. I tried to contact you an hour ago.No answer. You might be busy.

Oh yes, I miss you a lot. To repeat, you are my everything. My housemate and I were talking about love and hopes a few minutes ago. We were saying how difficult love is without sacrifices. I told him I see you as an angel not because you are perfect in my eyes but you are you and that is what makes you are much more special.

I tried to write a poetry dedicated to you but my mind went blank. I believe by saying nothing my heart can be heard, can be seen even we are so far away apart.

I miss you. And your scooter too.

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