Monday, 26 October 2009

When we had this conversation, you smiled and nodded to me.

The reason why I put up 'Budu' (anchovies paste) picture here is to remind myself that you cook deliciously Thai dishes and this makes me love you even more.

The thing I found the most charming in you is your smile. Well, to support that, I need to bring up the evidence but here I would not be able to do so.

Besides, giving in to me, you also advised upon many crucial things I should be doing in my life.

The scene I remembered was when rain was pouring down outside, when we were at your apartment in Ampang just after I watched Yasmin Ahmad In memory in TV.

Me: Dear, one day, I will be like her. The one who opens up Malaysians mindbox.
Expose them to norms which they are not aware of.

E: I am sure you can be better than her.

Me: But dear, I need you with me here (while I am gesturing my hands to my chest)
to support me. I need you dear.

E: I will be here always here for you Muks.

Enough people saying about how love can ruin your future but they forget that without love we cannot survive. No matter how good looking and successful you are.

E smiled and smiled. I need you, more than you know.

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Imanah Hadi said...

This is so sweet and nice,
That it makes me smile :)
It reminds me of how important love is..