Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I want to share this with you all.

Today, and again, I did my job with my GP tutor.
Seeing patients on my own which were good experiences and lessons.

I am amazed of how patients can present with varied cases. Some of them came with simple as well as complicated cases.

One of my GP just lost her husband recently due to spontaneous bleeding in the brain. The husband was never a smoker and yet perhaps thats because of genetic factor. God knows.

Life is something we cannot predict. Sometimes, we were given happiness and sweetness in our life but sometimes it is full of bitterness.

Realizing that, of how much we love somebody, in the end the person is going to die. What we are left with is the present, it is NOW.

What we have now is precious and I believe we will never lose anything just to let them know that we love them so much.

I am left with no choice other than missing you.


fatim-intan said...
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since1990 said...

sedang berbahagia skrg ya..hehe

wani said...

that 70's show =)

Asyraful said...

spontaneous bleeing in the brain can be caused by smoking ke?

Mukhlis Idris said...

wani : hehe thanks

asy: mmg betul ash