Monday, 23 November 2009

Life is fair and full of loves so that I listed things I would like to do before I DIE....

Firstly, who does not want to be what he/she wants to be? So I have decided to be a skin specialist.

Open a skin spa, which will be located in the centre of Malaysia.

Bring my parents to Mecca, so that it will be their second time there.

Be a very loyal and devoted partner to my other half.

Have I mentioned to get a pet? Well, one will be an iguana and the other would be a dolphin. So I need to build a pool in my house (Gosh, again money!)

I want to renovate my house in Penang so that it would be a very cosy place for my family to live.

I want to be myself so that people will remember me when I die. Because by being myself, to love myself and to love others all my heart, with prayers and hopes, I am sure that is a divine way to show the world that LOVE rocks!!!! yeahhh...

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