Wednesday, 18 November 2009

What I did on these two days of nothing.

Despite the depressing weather and also being locked in my room due to my viral illness, I managed to sleep more than I should have. It is fair enough as sick people need more rest and good food to keep them going.

Missing my other half in Malaysia would be so terrible for me as it always happens every minute of everyday. I could not believe it has been roughly 6 and a half weeks we are apart. Even crying and sighing would not be enough to pay my missing upon you dear.

Besides, I also had time to chat with some friends in Facebook as well as in Yahoo Messenger. We talked a lot about boredom and what could we do to fill our time with something we enjoy. One of it is reading blogs.

Looking at Yasmin's and Aflin's, they remind me of being independent and self reliant. It is so hard for me of being all alone in Bangor, North Wales, UK having no acquaintance to hang out with. Well, that is not a reason for me to dwell in gloominess isn't it?

I wondered, how Yasmin can produce lots of super nice commercial breaks. They are so touching and yet left deeper impacts on my life.

Of all things I do, I could not forget about you E. Of all things I enjoyed, you are the most subject I could think of. Enough said about my other half. Let us move on to another topic.

I have been planning to go somewhere this weekend just to chill and release the tension of being alone in UK. It hurts more to realize at this stage you are only capable to pray and love your beloveds from far away. Nothing much I could do.

Dear God, I pray to you, you are the Most powerful Grantor of prayers, I pray that my parents, my family and you E to be safe and always in good condition because I know, we would not be here until today without love.

Missing you is not enough so that is why I pray so that my love can shine upon you.


Asyraful said...

Who is this lucky E?
been wanting to know the person.

it seems like u're a really big fan of yasmin eh?

Mukhlis Idris said...

i am a big fan of Yasmin Ahmad


E is someone I love so much!