Friday, 20 November 2009

Why do we still need to compare?

Recently I read my beloved's blog. What was brought up is how people like to judge Kelantanese people and call them names.

I dont understand why Malays, well obviously true isn't it?, like to separate themselves and compare according to countries they are from.

I thought that we are now living in the modernized world and yet applying modernized principles upon unity of nations. If Malays can be good friends to Chinese and Indians, why not Malays are close to Malays themselves even? Without applying racism in life which in turn will terminate the sweetness of independence.

What we call MERDEKA is no longer active and alive. Regardless of our countries, is it hard to become One?

Is it hard to become peaceful and yet civilised nations?

Life is TOO short to let RACISM into your life. We have a brain and utilize it as maximal as we can.

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